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"Dave did a good job capturing the history and feel of Microsoft at a time when the wind blew in our hair and our sail was full. Admittedly, we made a lot of mistakes but in all fairness, we also got a lot of things right in those years and we never backed down from the challenges. We made enough mid-course corrections to bring the ship into port in good order."

Bob O'Rear
Microsoft Employee #7

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"Couldn't put it down! Fascinating... filled in many blanks about MSFT lore!! Awesome and Amazing insight for building business... from startup to Fortune 500...!!"

Tim Waters
Nordstrom Corp, Former Digital imaging exec, 4th generation No. Californian, Guitar player

A great deal has been written about Steve Jobs and Apple. Not nearly as much has been produced about Bill Gates and Microsoft, especially in the ten-year period that Dave Jaworski was at Microsoft. Microsoft was the company that drove the hardest and built the fastest. He was there during this rapid rise to the top. Dave kept meticulous notes and took lots of photos and documented the risks taken, the dreams shared, the lessons learned, the hopes realized, and the mistakes made. Many of the issues at the time are similar to issues confronting leaders in business today. All can learn from Microsoft’s past.

Dave also details several secrets―some only his family knows. Some of these secrets were known to only a handful of people within the company at a time when it went through its explosive growth period: like the secret recipe for Coca-Cola or Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe, these secrets were literally changing the competitive landscape in the technology industry and were rewriting the business rules of the day. Understanding these secrets and the thinking behind them can provide strategic insights and advantages to professionals and their businesses. Better still, they can help them define their own secrets to accelerate them past competitors and over hurdles to success.


About the Author

Dave Jaworski has over thirty years of sales, technology, and executive management experience. Dave was the third employee at Microsoft Canada, and served as the national sales manager before being promoted to general manager of Western US Sales. There he led the team managing 80 percent of Microsoft’s US business. Dave was promoted to GM of US Sales Operations and then led a turnaround as head of Microsoft University. He received the first ever Bill Gates Chairman’s Award of Excellence. Dave and his wife Susan have four children and six grandchildren and reside in Nashville, TN.


Paperback: 180 pages

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1683504208

ISBN-13: 978-1683504207

"Living in rural New Hampshire, the advances in technology meant that I could compete nationally with my direct sales company instead of ending up "on the farm". It is fascinating to read Jaworski's account of some of the events that have made my life today possible!"

Lisa M. Wilber
One of only five Avon Platinum Executive Leaders in the United States, top 10 money earner for more than 2 decades - from Weare, New Hampshire

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